Dec 22

To tell you the truth, I love flying. I love airports. I love the feeling of having a destination to look forward to and the feeling of leaving somewhere where people will miss you. And let’s face it, when do I get to sit back and watch back to back movies, especially recently-released special features. […]

Dec 18

Goodbye Melbourne

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I’m already starting to miss this beautiful, inviting, creative, happy, relaxed city. I thought I’d be calling Melbourne home for just a few months, but I didn’t know I’ve created a permanent tether to this place. Melbourne may be really far away, but it will always be close to my heart. Presenting a preemptively nostalgic […]

Nov 28

After living and studying in Melbourne for four months, I’ve grown to love the city just as much as a “real” Melbourneian. All you need to do is scroll through my old posts or watch any of my videos and you’ll see just how inviting and rich Melbourne is: Socially, culturally and aesthetically. Now throw […]

Nov 17

This week is International Education Week , and you could probably guess that I am a big fan of study abroad. These past four months, I’ve been studying in Melbourne Australia, a significant time and space difference away from my beloved NYC. Studying abroad gives you the chance not only to see and travel in […]

Oct 31

So my host family took me to their grandparent’s farm in Red Hill. It was so much fun! Even though it was raining, you can tell that Judah (my Australian little brother) and Hila (my good friend) and I enjoyed hanging out together and making a fun vlog together. Making this video really meant a […]

Oct 25

Kangaroo Family Message!

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Hey! My family is the best. They went to a Kangaroo Park in Israel and sent me the video! I think they’ve seen more kangaroos than I have. Hope you enjoy, Lilach 12

Oct 18

The study abroad site Go study in Australia! are running a video contest for north American students studying in Australia. The theme is “Future Unlimited: How might studying in Australia will benefit your future. This is the video I’ve been working on for so long and I really hope to win! (first prize is a […]

Oct 16

Ding Dong in the “Dandenongs”

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Amy is the coolest Australian I know. She took me on a short trip to the Dandenong Range surrounding the city to feed some Rosella parrots and get a great skyline view of Melbourne. It was great to make friends with AUSome Austrlians and fun to sit under the expansive sky. Ten episodes in and […]

Oct 08

Burger+Chips+Tomatoe Sauce

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A delicious burger with fries. Just thought you should know. Keep smiling 🙂 Lilach 13

Oct 04

Hey Everyone! You must know by know that I love art, and therefore museums. With all due respect to classics, I must say that Modern Art grabs your attention and imagination in an underhanded way. You try to get inside the artist’s head and understand why they would do such a thing. Of course, there’s […]

Sep 27

HD! (not cameras this time!)

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Wow! Yay! I got my first HD today! You could see my jumping for joy and grinning from ear to ear. Now, you’re asking yourself, “What is an HD, and why are you making a fool of yourself with that happy dance in the hallway?” Unlike the “high definition” standard in photography, HD stands for […]

Sep 21

“I love this city!” “How cool is this city!” “This is an amazing city!” “Did I mention I LOVE Melbourne!!!” ==== Today, I went out for coffee with my friend-a very Melbournian thing to do-and as we were walking around, I didn’t stop pointing out how smart Melbourne is. I know that might sound like […]

Sep 20

Heya! Everyone knows that one of the first things you do when you temporarily relocate to another country is…buy a cell phone (that’s ‘mobile’ for you non-American folk). Way back in July, when I arrived here, I sought to get the cheapest phone and cheapest pay-as-you-go plan. Luckily, I have a good friend who lives […]

Sep 19

This was my lovely visit to the Science museum called Scienceworks! Episode 8 is ready. Enjoy, Lilach 15

Sep 17

Hello Everyone! Recently, I reflected on how kind my family (ie. mother!) was to put together a ‘going away’ journal for me. The first few pages have kind wishes and farewell letters from my friends and family and the rest serves as my travel journal filled with my thoughts about new experiences and people. The […]

Sep 15

Oh well, I guess that’s how you learn! All the best, Lilach 13

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