Jul 06

International Student Orientation Trip

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As an international student, my Australian University offers a three day beach trip before the semester. It was simply sublime! We drove two hours south of Melb, to a coastal city with the most spectacular view of the ocean- and what an ocean it was. Just so blue and turquoise and green and CLEAN looking! I’d bet any poem written near the ocean would be written on and about THIS beach. Wow.p1010905

There were about 80 students and 20 peer advisors on the trip. The students were all the international students, which was AMAZING! People from all over the world were there, to name a few countries of origin: Japan, Taiwan, Denmark, Austria, Italy, S. Korea, France, Canada, other Americans of course. Plus lots of fun Australian students, who have all been on exchange somewhere else in the world and now serve as peer advisors for the international student community.

I was having a field day meeting all these great people and talking to them. We spoke a lot about accents and different customs in your home country. Coming from Brooklyn, I didn’t think it could get much more multicultural, but this group of people had such an energy of mutual interest and respect for other intellectual, worldly students.

It was really interesting getting into everyone’s life and seeing what other humans are all about, regardless of which country you are from. And all in this beautiful scenery of a town overlooking the ocean and gorgeous trees.
Driving down the Great Ocean Road’s windy, narrow and opposite lanes, I reflected on how incredibly lucky I am to be here and that a wonderful semester surely awaits.
Classes start on Monday!
For the exciting video representation of said events, enjoy this week’s AUSome Episode.

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My AUSome Trip