Sep 01

Happy 1st day of Spring! {Sep. 1st}

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Pinch, Punch, First of the month! Except you have to add “no returns” or else you’re getting it right back! This is the game I painfully found out about on the first of July when I got here and painfully reminded of again on the first of August. But this time I remembered!…Only I didn’t say “no returns.” Pinch/punch fail.

Don't tunnels just invite these type of pics!

In other news, because I am currently in Melbourne, the Economist Intelligence Unit had the insight to recognize my generous contributions to the city and named it ‘most livable city in the world!” (EIU link.)
Only joking, but you gotta admit, I know how to pick ’em!

Happy 1st day of Spring! or in the case of the other hemisphere, Happy Back to School!


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