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Using Timeline JS

All of these instructions can be found on the website, so please visit it! Go to and click “Make a timeline now” You will first need to create a spreadsheet using google docs. A link to this spreadsheet will… Continue Reading →

Diabetic Pandemic within the Caribbean Diaspora

For centuries, immigrants have sought refuge in America for its bountiful promise of freedom; whether that be in a political, economical, or social sense. America’s vibrant ethnic diversity has always appealed to those searching for a niche within the Western… Continue Reading →

The Role of Artists in the Diaspora

As the people of the Caribbean have moved to the United States, ties between those in the states and those back at home have remained, leaving an intense and intricate community for Caribbean people. The diaspora of the Caribbean has… Continue Reading →


TinyMCE Advanced is a plugin that allows you to easily integrate tables into your post/page.     Simply go to Plugins and activate TinyMCE Advanced .Once activated you will see a familiar table icon in the toolbar of your page/post. Create your table!

Leaflet Mapmaker

Leaflet Maps Marker is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create a map with marked points of interest. If you are the administrator of a site, go to “Plugins” on the left-hand side of the Dashboard and then find (Command+F)… Continue Reading →

Endnotes Using FD Footnotes

In academic papers, it is vital that any textual, visual, or other evidence –whether used directly, paraphrased, or referred to — be cited properly, according to the disciplinary convention. For your Media Analysis assignment, I’ve activated the FD Footnotes plugin, which “provides… Continue Reading →

Add Category or Tag

How to Add a Category or a Tag: Category: After you finish entering the content of your post, select the appropriate category from the list of categories located on the right hand side of the page. Publish the post! Tag: After you finish entering the… Continue Reading →

Pull Quotes

Using pull quotes throughout your post can emphasize important blocks of text. There are a few ways to do this. Simple Pull Quote. I’ve activated the Simple Pull Quote plugin that will help you create these blocks of text. Here is a video… Continue Reading →

Adding Captions to Embedded Media

It’s a great idea to add captions to your images. Captions might be descriptive, and/or they might include bibliographic information that cites the source of the image. To add captions to images uploaded to the Media Library is very simple. Captions… Continue Reading →

Set Featured Image

        This is a screenshot of the Identity Posts category from a previous class’s eportfolio. The students set featured images which appear  above the post titles. WordPress themes display category posts in different ways, sometimes as a list, or… Continue Reading →

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