February 10, 2014



Class of 2014    Victoria Tsang

Victoria is a senior at Baruch College. She is an avid baker and hopes to work in a non-profit organization in the future. Her major is Graphic Communication, which is a combination of Business Communication and Graphic Design. She spends most of her time outside of class interning at a digital marketing firm and planning Baruch’s Relay for Life. She also loves to travel and has studied abroad twice during her time at Macaulay and greatly encourages it. For any questions, please email her at: victoria.tsang@baruchmail.cuny.edu.

Class of 2015    Lawrence Kulishevsky

Class of 2016    Stevie Borrello

Stevie Borrello is a sophomore who recently became a CUNY BA student, with concentrations in journalism, media, television and radio, history, gender, women’s studies, anthropology and international affairs. She wanted to go beyond the basic journalism curriculum and explore many aspects of the media industry and understand how society has an influence on what is published and broadcast in the media. Besides her studies, Stevie is the Managing Editor of The Ticker, Baruch College’s undergraduate independent student newspaper, where she is helping improve the publication and revamp it to be competitive with other college publications. On the weekends she likes to unwind from all the stress by playing quidditch as a member of the Macaulay Marauders. If there is ever a free moment in her life, Stevie enjoys sleeping, eating and making cupcakes.

Class of 2017    Alex Lam

Alex is proud to be the Macaulay Scholars Council representative for the class of 2017 at Baruch College. He is an aspiring operations management major and hoping to earn a minor in philosophy. Currently, Alex is also a part of the Macaulay Business Club. During this year, he hopes to meet as many of you as possible. He wants to hear your ideas and make sure your voice is heard. Feel free to contact him questions, comments, or if you just want to chat: alex.lam@macaulay.cuny.edu.


Class of 2014    Amy Gijsbers van Wijk

Amy Gijsbers van Wijk is a senior in Macaulay at Brooklyn College. She is in the CUNY Baccalaureate for Unique and Interdisciplinary Studies, where she is majoring in Theatrical Authorship Studies, and, Arts Administration. She is also a Thomas W. Smith fellow, a Goldsmith Scholar, and a Rosen Fellow. In her spare time, she writes and produces plays. She is happy to help with any and all MSC-related queries, and welcomes any questions at AGVANWIJK@GMAIL.COM.

Class of 2015    Albert Tong

Class of 2016    Shelley Jain

Shelley Jain is the sophomore representative at Brooklyn College Majoring in Broadcast Journalism. She is a pre-med student in Brooklyn College’s BA/MD Program. She is the president of the Macaulay SPARK Club, a member of Macaulay Dancers, Global Medical Brigades, and Peer Health Exchange. She loves to travel, ski, dance, and read. If you have any questions or concerns, email her at shelley.jain@macaulay.cuny.edu

Class of 2017    Katherine Chiu

Hello everyone. My name is Katherine and I am a freshman at Brooklyn College. This is
my first year as a Macaulay Scholars Council representative, and I am very excited to be
a representing our Brooklyn 2017 class. I am thinking of majoring in biology, but when
I am not doing schoolwork, I like to play the piano, have a game of tennis, or draw. I
cannot wait to work with all of you to make our Macaulay family the best it can be.


Class of 2017    Sara Louie

Sara Louie is a freshman at City College and is excited to be a part of the Macaulay family.  She loves photography and volunteering.  She is uncertain of what she will major in, but a recent study abroad to the Dominican Republic has amplified her passion in helping others and maintaining proper water access in communities around the world.  In high school, Sara was avidly a part of Key Club, a club dedicated to service and leadership, becoming Vice President her sophomore year and President the year after.  Involved in student government, Sara helped to run various academic and social events, as well as service events and fundraisers.  She was a starting defensive player on the varsity soccer team, a flyer on the cheerleading team, and senior section editor of yearbook.  A New York Native, Sara loves exploring the city and attending the many concerts, festivals, and events happening within the city that never sleeps.  If anyone wants to know whats going on in the city, don’t hesitate to ask her!

Please feel free to contact her at anytime at sara.louie@macaulay.cuny.edu.


Class of 2014 Jenna Jankowski

Class of 2015    Diane Narouz

Class of 2016    Jasmine Calle

Hey there! My name is Jasmine. I am a Sophomore at the College of Staten Island pursuing a career in animal science. I have loved animals ever since I was a little tyke and want to help them by becoming a vet, though I am also considering more research-oriented paths. I also have a interest in informing myself and others of the how things work, which is one of the  main reasons why I wanted to join the Honors Council. If you need anything, let me know. I will be glad to help in any way that I can.

Class of 2017    Christina Dellaventura


Class of 2014    Anthony Ventimiglia

Anthony Ventimiglia is a senior at Hunter College majoring in biochemistry. He is the current president of Macaulay’s Pre-Health Club and co-founder of its student-led service abroad organization: Macaulay Global Brigades. He enjoys working with these organizations, as well as the MSC, in order to improve student life at Macaulay Honors College. Anthony plans on working in the medical field – either as a physician or as a researcher. Outside of academia, Anthony enjoys weight lifting, following the sport of baseball, and reading up on Roman History.

Class of 2015    Hunter Gross

Hunter Gross is a junior at Hunter College pursuing a double major in Political Science andMandarin Chinese and is in the Hunter College Chinese Flagship Program. Hunter spent the
past two summers in China studying in Chinese language immersion programs and plans on
completing his senior year in China as well. Hunter plans to pursue a career in diplomacy,
international arbitration, geopolitical risk analysis, or intelligence where he can apply his
Chinese language skills and interests in international relations and American foreign policy. In
his free time, Hunter enjoys seeing Broadway shows and playing tennis. He is also a founding
member of the Macaulay Triplets a cappella group.

Class of 2016    Lucy Snyder

My name is Lucy Snyder and I am representing the class of 2016 at Hunter on the Macaulay Scholars Council. I am a math major with interests in geology. I am Vice President of Macaulay’s brand new math club. I will be volunteering at the Math Museum beginning this winter and I have been teaching first grade Hebrew for two years. I am so excited to be a part of MSC’s major events committee and make the events as enjoyable (if not more) than they were for me.

Class of 2017    Emaad Khwaja

John Jay

Class of 2017    Drew Podgorski


Class of 2014    Michael Tal

Class of 2015    Steve Mathew

Hi! I am junior at Lehman representing class of 2015. I am currently majoring in Physics, and I might include biology if I have enough time, although I volunteer in an organic chemistry lab. I am actively involved in Global Brigades Club, and Macaulay Model UN and I co-lead Project Sunshine Club at Lehman. Outside school, I volunteer as an EMT in my neighborhood ambulance corps, while any free time I have is occupied by my cooking hobby, or in conversation with friends.

Class of 2016    Priom Islam

Hello, my name is Priom Islam. I am the representative for the class of 2016 at Lehman College. I am the co-president of Macaulay Model UN and contribute to the school monthly online newspaper, the Macaulay Messenger. My main interests are foreign policy and international affairs and I am a political science major.

Class of 2017    Evgenia Gorovaya


Class of 2014    Tamar Herman

Tamar Herman is a senior at Queens College, and will be graduating this May with a Bachelor’s Degree in East Asian Studies. She will also graduate with minors in History, Korean, and Business for Liberal Arts Majors (BALA.) Tamar’s focus of study is the Korean entertainment industry, and she spent half of 2013 in Korea studying Korean and Media Studies at Yonsei University. Tamar was the US Representative in the First Annual Quiz on Korea competition hosted by the Korean Government and the Korean Broadcasting System. She is currently interning at the WNBC Assignment Desk, and writes for several Korean entertainment news English-language websites. At the moment, Tamar’s plans post-graduation are undecided, but she is contemplating returning to Korea to study Korean.

Class of 2015    Ebrahim Afshinnekoo
Class of 2016    Cassandra Price

Hi guys! My name is Cassy and I’m the sophomore rep for Queens College! I’m studying Psychology and Theatre, and I’m so excited to be on Scholars Council for the first time! Originally from Long Island, I am completely enamored by anything New York City has to offer, and I dream of one day performing on Broadway (or being a psychologist, both are so similar right?!) I’m also a member of the Macaulay Psychology Club and the Queens College iTones a cappella group. In my spare time I love to sing, write, read, and spend time with my family and friends. You can always reach me at cprice7594@aol.com with any questions or concerns you may have about anything! Or even just to say hi!

Class of 2017    Joanna DeJesus

Hey guys! My name is Joanna and I am the freshman rep from Queens College. I am so excited to working with the Macaulay Scholar’s Council this year and look forward to helping out with tons of awesome events and activities for all of us to enjoy. I am hoping to be a Sociology major with a double minor in the Honors in Social Sciences and Urban Studies. My hope is to get into non-profits working primarily with at-risk high school students and possibly to start my own non-profit. I am also a member of the Queens College planning committee and a volunteer for Let’s Get Ready. I am super passionate about diversity and am hoping to get involved in the Supporting Excellence Diversity Initiative. I love to hang out with friends, watch tv, and eat tons food, preferably all at the same time. If you have any questions or just want to get in touch with me, please feel free to contact me at jdejesus1495@gmail.com. Enjoy your Spring semester!!

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