More guidance on timelines

Hi again everyone,

Based on some conversations with students, I wanted to offer some additional pointers on your timelines.

1. The timeline is a research tool that should help you organize your thinking on your topic and make sure you aren’t postponing research until the last minute.

For this reason, you, not the author of a published timeline, should be in the driver’as seat in constructing the sequence of important events.  It is fine to reference one or more published timelines, but the point of this assignment is not for you merely to reproduce them.  It is to construct a timeline that is relevant to the question you are addressing in your research.

2.  Show me that you are doing good, broad, deep research.

You all have done research projects and papers before.  You know how to do research, and if you have questions, you know you can contact me and/or Ben in class, in office hours, or via email.  The timeline is the first chance for you to show me what you have been doing, what sources you have consulted, and where your research is going.   Make sure each event in the timeline is significant for your research (not just filler).

As always, contact me with questions.

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