Memo 1: Vertical Farming in NYC

To: Professor MacBride
From: Jessica Piccolino
Date: 2/13/13
Re: Research Topic Proposal

In a metropolis as distinguished and prosperous as New York City it is essential to design an efficient and effective system of managing the urban food cycle. Along with such a booming population arises the obligation to grow enough food to feed this increase in people and to provide more suitable land for raising crops. However, traditional farming practices require much more land than the earth has to give in order to feed it’s inhabitants. A potential solution to this problem is vertical farming, which involves indoor farming and employing the use of progressive technologies that is inexpensive, safe, and simple to create.

In my research, I plan to focus on the role that vertical farming can play in the future of New York City, and how the concept can provide a sustainable and reliable food supply, as well as restore sites that have been forfeited for traditional farming. In order to conduct my research, I will read Dickson Despommier’s book “The Vertical Farm” on feeding the world in the 21st century and look to his website as well. I will also look into the challenges of vertical farming and watch many talk videos and presentations by speakers on the topic of vertical farming.

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  1. Samantha MacBride says:


    I really like this topic. As we discussed in class, start to think about the connection between vertical farming and climate change. there are a lot of good and interesting ways in which the two topics overlap. Also, are there vertical farms in operation anywhere in the world? try to find some real life examples.

    Let me know as questions come up.

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