The Future of Local Produce and Urban Farms in NYC

Group #4: Amanda Lederman, Jennifer Mukofsky,Jonathan Park, Phoebe Lau, Sunny Xu, Yamel Favela

Abstract: In today’s day and age, New York City faces a variety of issues relating to food: Who has access to food? Is it healthy? Affordable? Recyclable? Who produces it? Furthermore, we will also explore the newest innovations relating to food production and distribution around New York. Accordingly, we will examine the cost and benefits to these new practices, why they are crucial to New York’s sustainability, whether they are really more efficient, and if they effectively contribute to the decrease in New York’s carbon footprint; moreover, we will consider if these practices worth implementing on a large scale. Our focus for this project will be primarily on the “hyper-local,” or locally produced food in New York. We plan to research and investigate the advantages of hyper-local food production and distribution by visiting some of New York’s Greenmarkets, food vendors and urban farms.


Group 4 – IDC Midterm Report

Download (PDF, 9.61MB)

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