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“A central strategy for improving our energy system is to reduce energy consumption in existing buildings.”

Should we focus on reducing energy consumption in existing buildings, or start focusing on the buildings that are in the process of being built/ will be built in the future? Another words, should we focus on going back to fix things, or should we make sure future infrastructures will be “green” from the very beginning? Either way, even if we focus on both, how do we motivate business owners to get on board with reducing energy consumption? What are the arguments that will be attractive to them? If we want to make a change, we need to make sure everyone finds reducing energy consumption as an important topic that they want to take a part in.

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"this is "perfect fit". It is a machine that scans you from the waist down, taking many measurements. It matches you up to the best brand, style and size of pants for your body. This would be cool to have at home so you dont need to leave your house to go buy pants!"
--( posted on Apr 1, 2014, commenting on the post PerfectFit )
"The IFRS and GAAP most certainly should provide a framework for corporate sustainability reports. Companies need guidelines and rules to follow, to make sure reports are adequate. There is no wiggle room when there are set rules- the company either meets them or they don't. It is much more black and white, and easier for a company to comply when everything is spelled out for them. Being realistic, every business will not honestly comply with integrating sustainability in all aspects of their organization. If certain components are not made mandatory, they will most likely not be a priority."
--( posted on Feb 18, 2014, commenting on the post Role of Accountants on Sustainability )
"New York City moving towards a self sustainable means of solid waste disposal is the better idea. Sustainability means a long term solution and efficiency. Furthermore, by eventually getting rid of long-haul trucking, we are mitigating the negative environmental impact, in addition to high transportation rises. I agree that this solution is not perfect but all solutions are going to have drawbacks. Addressing the budget shortfall- more energy efficient technologies that make the process cheaper can be implemented. There can be more of a push for funding from private companies, especially those with environmental interests. Another problem is community opposition to transfer stations. This can be fixed by educating the community on how important these transfer stations really are. People are quick to dismiss ideas if they are not educated."
--( posted on Feb 16, 2014, commenting on the post To Internalize Waste Disposal or Not? )