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No More Clutter


I really hate clutter and giant speakers in living not only take up a lot of room, they also make a nice rooms look cluttered.  That’s why I decided that in my future here will be invisible speakers.  These speakers will produce good quality sound that comes from a membrane placed over the screen.  The membrane contains nano speakers thus making the speaker invisible.

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"According to “The Long Slow Rise of Solar and Wind”, solar and wind energy facilities will be able to provide the consistently growing energy demand of America. They say that this will be able to get done through putting multiple facilities across The United States and connecting them through wires so if one facilities does not get enough wind to power the turbines or enough sun for the solar panels, it will be given enough assistance. However somehow this seems almost counterproductive. Wouldn’t we be making these machines so that they make enough energy for us to use? Why do we need machines that might need to borrow energy from other facilities that possibly may be just scraping by because they can’t make enough? Of course, it would be helpful, as the article commented, if homeowners also installed their own solar panels to help themselves. I believe that the environment will take on much more damage before any sort of transition takes place. There is still the possibility of more oil spills and exhaust buildup in the atmosphere."
--( posted on Feb 25, 2014, commenting on the post Too Little Too Late? )