MHC150 Readings

West Side Story and the Great Puerto Rican Migration _ Lyric Opera of Kansas City

negron-West Side Story

Opinion _ Let ‘West Side Story’ and Its Stereotypes Die – The New York Times

Anbinder, Excerpt from City of Dreams, Lower East Side

Anbinder, Excerpt from City of Dreams – Chinatown

Anbinder, Tyler, “The Dead Rabbit Riot” from The Five Points

Benediktsson, Lamberta, and Larsen. (2014) “The Real Small Business Killer” in The Daily News.

Benediktsson, Lamberta, and Van Norden. (2015) “The Endangered Enclave: Hispanic-Owned Business Displacement in Brooklyn, 2002-2012.” Metropolitics.

Berger, Joe. (2007) “Melting Together in Ditmas Park,” from The World in a City.

Bilefsky, Dan. (2011) “Concern for the Underclass as the City Progresses with its Willets Point Plan” in The New York Times.

Ellick, Adam. (2009) “In Queens: A Melting Pot, and a Closed Book.” The New York Times

Foner, Nancy. (2007) “How Exceptional is New York? Migration and Multiculturalism in the Empire City 

Gabaccia, Donna. (1998) “Food Fights and American Values”, from We Are What We Eat: Ethnic Food and the Making of Americans

Hapke, Laura. (2004). Excerpt from “Sweatshop: The History of an American Idea”

Hapke (2004) Riis Excerpt, from “Sweatshop: The History of an American Idea”

Hapke (2004) Cahan-Excerpt-Sweatshop_The_History_of_an_American_Idea

Jacobs (1961) The Uses of Sidewalks: Safety, from “The Death and Life of Great American Cities”

Kelling and Wilson (1982) Broken Windows

Massey and Denton (1993), American Apartheid, Chapter One

Oldenburg, Ray (1989). Excerpts from “Characteristics of Third Places” in The Great Good Place

Reider, Canarsie, “Vulnerable Places”

Riis, Jacob (1890/1900) “Jewtown” from How the Other Half Lives

Santos, Fernanda (2008). “A Dilapidated Tract in Queens, and a Fight to Control its Future” in The New York Times.

Sciorra, Joseph (2012) “‘Italians Against Racism’: The Murder of Yusef Hawkins and My March on Bensonhurst, from Are Italians White?

Schuyler, David “Central Park, Encyclopedia of American History

Sismondo, Christine (2011). Excerpt from “The Political Machine Invades a Bar,” in America Walks Into a Bar.

Sullivan, Marie (2012). “Ethnic Enclaves-Sanctuary or Impediment?”

Zukin, Sharon. (2015) “Will New York City Become One Big Suburb?” from (video file here.)

Waldinger, “Immigrant Enterprise,” from Structures of Capital, Zukin and Dimaggio, eds

Jacobs, Jane (1961): “The Uses of Sidewalks: Safety” from The Death and Life of Great American Cities

Jacobs, Jane (1961): “The Uses of Sidewalks: Contact” from The Death and Life of Great American Cities

Roulier (2010): “Frederick Law Olmsted: Democracy by Design” New England Journal of Political Science.

Taylor (1999) “Central-Park as a Model for Social-Control: Urban Parks, Social Class and Leisure Behavior in Nineteenth Century America”

Ocejo and Tonnelat (2013) “Subway Diaries” Ethnography

Tonnelat and Kornblum (2017) “International Express”

Olmsted (1870) Public Parks and the Enlargement of Towns

Olmsted (1870) Public Parks and the Enlargement of Towns – Excerpt

Newspaper / Magazine Articles:






Mehta, Suketu. (2003) “The Meltingest Pot,” from The New York Times.





Schuyler-Central Park-Encyclopedia of American Urban History






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