Your Story, Our Story

For this assignment, I’d like you to tell a story about one of the themes in the class using an object. The story can be about immigrating, about owning a small business, about getting along (or not getting along) with people who are different from you… really, anything that we’ve been talking about and thinking about this semester is fair game.
Ideally you might use this assignment to add to the material you’ll have at hand to build your multimedia essay on Storefront Survivors at the end of the semester. So, if there’s an object that is important to the work of one of the business people you have interviewed, you might use that object (its history, its appearance, how its made, etc.), to tell a story about them, or about their store. It might even be an object they make or sell. (Food is usually made of objects. Last I checked.)
If that doesn’t sound like it will work out, you could use an object to tell a story about yourself, or your family, or a friend. That’s all totally acceptable as well.
Here’s some possible inspiration for how you might build a personal story around an object:
The end result for this assignment will be a short post to this site, that you link to in a post on our site, so your classmates and I can check out your work. Categorize your post on our site “Your Story, Our Story.”

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