Looking Forward, Looking Back – Research Resources

Photo Resources:


Social Explorer

  • Social explorer allows you to make charts and maps with Census and American Community Survey (5 year) data.
  • Compare years, regions, etc.
  • Accessing Social Explorer through Hunter College will allow you greater functionality of use, and you can upgrade your membership so you can continue to use these upgraded functions at home.


US Census – American Fact Finder

  • The US Census tool for exploring census data.
  • Similar content to Social Explorer and Infoshare, plus some additional economic data – such as Economic Census 2012
  • Info on Census historical data

NYC OASIS (Open Accessible Space Information System)

  • Shows NYC land use data in map form, including historical data. 

And more data…

Neighborhood History:

NYPL Neighborhood Research Suggestions

Local Newspapers –

In addition to neighborhood news, try searching street names, businesses, addresses, and people’s names in the newspaper archives to see what you can turn up.

NYPL Oral History Archive

Buildings Research:

Map of Building Dates in NYC

  • This map provides a visual representation of the date of construction of every building in NYC. It may not be exact for the building, but can help you figure out the general neighborhood history!

City Realty Neighborhood Stats

  • Real estate prices for some neighborhoods, including maps & graphs over time

Brooklyn Library Introduction to Buildings Research

NYPL Guide to Researching Your Home’s History (or any other building)





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