Choose research partner

Although you will be ultimately responsible for your own work this semester, you will work in pairs on the Storefront Survivors project, choosing a neighborhood and shopping street together, accompanying each other on site visits, and assisting each other with the field research component of the project – conducting interviews, filming, photography, etc. – as well as providing valuable feedback on the editing and writing process.

  1. Send me an email at (subject line: “Research Partner”).
  2. If you know who you would like to work with, speak with that person to confirm you’re working together, and then just tell me in the email who that person is.
  3. If you don’t have anyone particular in mind, tell me the neighborhood and/or borough you are interested in. I will pair you up with someone. (For what it is worth, in my experience these “arranged” research partnerships work as well or better than when friends work together.)

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