St. George’s – Rough Site Construction Plan

Three pictures:
1. Old Church
• History (timeline using Dippity)
• Tie in to Flushing Remonstrance
• Specific Church
• Background on Anglican Church
2. Current Church
• Current population
• Statistics
• Three communities within the Church
• Languages
• Services
3. New/Future Church
• New pastor
• Unity
– The white population continued dropping in Flushing, where, for the first time, Asians make up more than half the population – 52%, up from 46% in 2000.
– By neighborhoods (using the New York City Department of City Planning’s Neighborhood Tabulation Areas), Flushing remains the home of the largest Asian community in New York City with a population of 49,975.
– Flushing is 69 percent Asian.

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