Unexplained Street Gallery

Thanks to a teacher with influence in the Staten Island Columbus Day Parade, a few students and I were able to obtain a fence to exhibit anything we wanted. So we asked a few of our well traveled friends to donate thier photography and artwork. We told them to give us work that would show us their fav places in the world that they wouldn’t want to ever loose. The variety was shocking.

Here are some of the contributors:

ArtWorking from Change for Climate on Vimeo.

Early in the morn, we set up. We posted the work randomly as randomly and vaguely as possibly, using a bit of yarn to connect all the pieces. Then we waited for the crowd.

Heres a timeline:

All the confused paraders arrived and stared and then they were bound to ask “what the hell is this”? that when we seized the chance to tell them about climate change. Further explaining how some of our most loved places on the earth could easily diminish. Then we propose they buy some of the art work and the money can go toward protecting acres of forestland from being removed. After a good day’s work and earning enough cash to save 13 acres, I ended with a mango eating contest (without pealing). Despite being such an avid mango enthusiast, I lost.

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