\(^_^)/ as the emoticon suggests is meant to be a interactive and welcoming page. I want to say “Hello World, I Exist”, and thats what I hope this site will accomplish. Instead of making a mere academic or artistic portfolio it seems for dynamic to make a life portfolio, at least the interesting parts of life. So in this ePortfolio/Website there is a variety of content and it is as original as it can get. Every photo or video that can be seen will be self created or have a substantial amount of my involvement in its creation. I welcome suggestions and feedback from any viewer. Enjoy!

Earlier Posts that Show a Bit more About Me

What Might Be Coming Up Here:

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Get Ready

I want to make this page a portfolio of not only my visual art but of other creations and involvements as well. I will try to make all the content as original as possible, including the background, videos, photos, etc. It’s self centered yes, but what else is a portfolio supposed to be. Here are some possible segments to expect from this eportfolio:
1.Exhibits (my work created and revealed each month, if im proud of it, also available for sale)
3. fun Photos (pretty much of things i find amusing)
4. Jokes (written and somehow presented by me, through videos, audio, pictures, and maybe animation)
5. Short Films (whenever I finish making them)
6. Random Lists that tell you more about me (list of foods i hate, things i dont know, awkward moments in life, and other crazy miscellaneous things)
7. Texts from my phone/ FML (me version of texts from last night)
8. Excerpts from my journal (if its worth posting)
9. Discoveries/Observations (i’ll try to make them interesting)
10. Updates on Mua (like twitter, I have twitter btw: http://twitter.com/Flaming_GO)
11. Music Likes, new songs I find
12. Any more that people suggest or I think of.

The Text is Where its AT

Todays Shuffle Results:

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need indestructible ones

All the Headphones I Have Broken This Year

1. Short Skirt, Long Jacket – Cake

2. Little Secrets – Passion Pit

3. Yeah Yeah – Matt & Kim

4. Pump It – Black Eyed Peas

5. Million Pieces – Newsboys

6. Out Of Space – The Prodigy

7. Purple Haze – Jimi Hendrix

8. New Slang – The Shins

9. Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa – Vampire Weekend

10. Flashing Lights – Kanye West

This does, in now way shows my true complete music preferences; I like listening to lots of things and am open to suggestions!

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