Just a small collection of projects from the past. More are coming when I finish documenting them.

Random Archness

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Heres a Taste of My Architecture Projects (from this year)

I have to make new models almost every week, so more of these ar definitely coming.

Finding Daylight

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“Combine three or more forms of art in one piece,” said Arts in NYC Professor ,Brandon Judell, to the students groups of 5. We had about 3 weeks to make this piece, but we only used a day of it. The video we made is pretty self-explanatory.

In the group I helped pick the song, purchase the supplies, set up, choreograph a very tiny portion of the routing, perform of course, and clean up the big mess (Although Cassandra did most of the work as the credits indicate). If you look at the comments on the youtube you can see the artist, Matt & Kim, one of my favorites, has seen and replied to the video.

“I bet cleaning up was similar to us cleaning up after the Yea Yeah video! Love the behind the scenes at the end.  Big hugs kim”
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Work From When I Was Slightly Younger

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I started creating visual art knowingly in the eleventh grade.This is a bunch of my newbie work (categorized by medium), some of my crappiest.
Sketches (Pen and Ink, Charcoal, Graphite and More)

Linoleum Prints

Watercolor and Acrylic Paintings

One Of My Fav Mediums Is the Result of Mixed Mediums

Earliest Architectural Work and Sculptures

A Whole Lot More Is Coming!!

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