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Septopus Stuffed Doll Proposal

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One of my Chinese friends is always carrying around these dolls/phone holders from one of his cartoon shows. Called Domo:

Can the Septopus Do This?

It reminds me of the Macaulay Septopus, so I was wondering if I made one, would Macaulay like to endorse it. The profits can go to a good cause and all of us could have our mascot as a toy for our rooms. It would look a little like this:

And be Very Very soft of course.
I guess I should just make one and let the doll do the talking and cuddling

Jewish Art Made by a Christian

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Judell Back in the Day

It’s My Turn:
So for some time my professor, Brandon Judell, has been discretely taking photos of student from out Arts in NYC Class and then using the silly photo alteration effects in iPhoto I presume. Then he posts it on his blog for everyone to ridicule. So this is revenge. Also we have been discussing labeling the ethnicity of artwork by its creator and content. So that where the title comes from. I am the Christian and he is the Jew.

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