Family Growth in Williamsburg

Demographics     |     Current Shifts      |       Children’s Stores      |     Conclusion

Williamsburg is notorious for being young and hip. When people think of Brooklyn, Williamsburg is the place to be. Since the 1990’s Williamsburg has become the home to fresh and creative minds. Some of you may carry the misconception that Williamsburg is a “hipster” neighborhood only filled with young college graduates and other artistic individuals dressed in crazy, colorful, and unique clothing. We certainly did, and so we began to wonder.

There has been a constant influx of teen adult residents in the area, but with the limited amount of space who stays and who goes? Is this neighborhood an ideal home or is it a just a temporary establishment? The evolving nature of Williamsburg may be a push factor for some residents who once preferred to stay.  But for those who are loyal to Williamsburg, living in style comes at a cost – those who afford it create permanent residents and families while those who cannot are slowly pushed out to the surrounding premises or other ideal areas. We interviewed residents and employees in the area to better understand the development of this family guided neighborhood.


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