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Using visual sociology – the use of photographic techniques, for the purposes of this project, in the service of the sociology – and the corresponding methodology that we learned of in class, we looked at the process of gentrification in Williamsburg through photographs.

G train stop

"Obey" + Graffiti

99 Cents and up

J train graffiti

Park by the highway

Shady business?


Small business

J train and luxury

More graffiti

LIJ in Williamsburg

Tough day at work

"Gentrified" businesses


Landmark bicycles

Walking to the Waterfront

Luxury condo

Parking lot graffiti

Tight space on Broadway

Street meat (G train)


Back to the city

Peter Luger's and a Glimpse of Williamsburg

Medical Building Unaffected by Gentrification

Williamsburg Art and Gentrification

Closeup Art

Example of Gentrification: Looks Awkward Right?

Skateboarding Subculture Member?Typical Williamsburg Building by the L Train

Thrift Store

Samurai Japanese Food and Gentrification

Subway- Young People love it (Yum)

The Really Cool Bookstore

Prime Example of Gentrification

Toby's Coffee Shop and Gentrification

Quality Williamsburg Legal Graffiti Advertising

What does this store sell?

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