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Freaks on a Ferris Wheel

June 7, 2017

Freaks on a Ferris Wheel Professor: Karen Williams ITF: Ben Haber Campus: Brooklyn College URL: This whimsical site explores the history and present of Coney Island. Working through the five senses, the students paint a rich portrait of this entertainment center.

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Peopling of New York: Astoria, Flushing, Coney Island, and Washington Heights

October 26, 2011

Professor: Joseph Berger ITF: Chris Caruso Campus: City College URL: Overview: Working with ITF Chris Caruso, Prof Berger’s class at City completed a detailed site with information about four major neighborhoods in NYC: Astoria, Flushing, Coney Island, and Washington Heights. The groups provide comprehensive information about each neighborhood, including histories, demographics, landmarks, entertainment, and food […]

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