Picasso Through the Years


I was scrolling through Tumblr, an Internet blog network, the other day and I stumbled upon these paintings by Picasso. What intrigued me was how drastic the change between his earlier paintings and his later paintings were. To me it seemed as if his skill to create art diminished because the paintings he drew before his twenties looked more realistic. Then I realized that it wasn’t a factor of ability that had changed the way he painted but rather a change in the style of his art. Yes, the paintings that Picasso made during his earlier years seem more difficult to create, well it does to me at least, but it does not have that peculiarity of abstractedness that makes a Picasso a Picasso. As we have learned in class, Picasso’s style is to develop an abstract representation of an image in order to create movement within the painting. It is evident that he built onto his style of work from when he first began creating these images by looking at the complexity of the “pieces” of the image. I mean, look at the one he drew when he was ninety years old! I particularly enjoy the painting he made at the age of 60 because it reminds me of the drawing Professor Eversely had put up back in the beginning of the year. From that class, I’ve learned that not everything has to be done perfectly from point A to point B. In fact, I enjoy Picasso’s notion of flux within his paintings now that they don’t seem so beyond-me and daunting.