Macaulay Honors College will pay $150 honoraria for guest speakers in MHC Seminars. If a speaker is addressing two seminar sections once, we can double the fee.

To pay a speaker please first email Joseph Ugoretz, Associate Dean, Teaching, Learning and Technology to receive approval for your speakers. Once your speaker has been approved, the honoraria forms need to be filled out. In order to process payment for your speaker, in addition to the completed and signed forms, we will need your class syllabus (with the speaking engagement indicated) and your class roster

If an organization wants to be paid instead of the individual, you must also include:

• Original invoice from the organization


New York state will not pay anyone unless their social security number and their home address is included on the forms. Checks will not be sent to business addresses.

The payment process is often lengthy. VERY lengthy (6-9 months is not unusual, and it can be longer). Please tell your guest speaker, with our apologies, that the delays are unavoidable and we always try to limit them as much as possible.