Welcome to the Macaulay Honors College Faculty site. This is a place for faculty to find ideas, resources, and answers to questions–particularly for working with our Macaulay interdisciplinary seminars–and for working across seminars and across campuses.

The four Macaulay Honors College Seminars are required for all Macaulay students.  For specific information (including sample syllabi, meeting notes, important dates, and other information), you can check the appropriate section of this site on the menu above.

All our seminars, regardless of the specific subject or the specific instructor, share some inter-connected common features.

1. Interdisciplinary.  The seminars are interdisciplinary in scope and content, and students are asked to (and helped to) become aware of and critical about the different ways in which different academic disciplines approach problems and questions.

2. Collaborative. Students in the seminars work on projects in groups or teams, and student-student interaction and shared learning are frequent and productive.

3. Engaged. The seminars engage the world outside the classroom, asking students to work with primary sources, real-world data, contemporary questions, performances, and issues.

4. Open. The seminars include some projects which are directed to a wider public audience, beyond the instructor and the other students in the particular class.

Beyond this site, each seminar each semester has a faculty listserv, for announcements of immediate importance, and for faculty to collaborate and share ideas and questions.  Contact Lisa Brundage, Director of Academic Affairs (lisa.brundage@mhc.cuny.edu) if you are not receiving the listserv emails or would like to change your preferred email address.