Macaulay provides support for both academic and mental health and wellness needs. A student’s local Macaulay advisor is often a good ally in supporting students’ academic needs; contact the campus Macaulay director if you need to get in touch with an advisor.

Macaulay has a dedicated writing specialist, vibrant student clubs, and active career development program.

If you have concerns about the wellbeing of a student, they suddenly stop attending class, or seem to be struggling in some way, we suggest filing a referral with the Student Support Team. The Team will evaluate the information and make plans to check on the student in a way commensurate with the report. There are never any punitive consequences associated with the Student Support Team. If you aren’t sure whether or not to submit a referral, we urge you to do it.

If a student is seeking mental health counseling, they may make an intake appointment with our Mental Health and Wellness Center. Please note that all services at the Center are confidential and our therapists will not be able to inform you about whether or not a student has made an appointment, nor can they mediate academic issues between you and the student. The Mental Health and Wellness Center offers individual and group counseling, and also hold drop in sessions targeted to issues common in college, young adulthood, and overall wellbeing. CUNY also provides a crisis text line. To access it, text CUNY to 741741. The crisis text line is operated independently from Macaulay.