In any semester, TLCs can be powerful and effective partners in these classes. Now that we are in another time of flux and adjustment, the TLC will likely be more valuable than ever. They can help you think through plans for your class that will hopefully help you feel supported and calm going into the fall. This might include adapting assignments for online classes; selecting the right platform for your course; building and maintaining a course web site; figuring out the pros, cons, and right mix of synchronous and asynchronous learning; and more.  They are provided NOT simply to help with technology (as their former titles–Tech Fellows and Instructional Technology Fellows–may mislead you to believe), but to provide overall links across campuses and sections, to help you conceive of projects and tools that can be innovative and appropriate for your educational goals, and to work with you and your students throughout the semester. Request help from the TLC. Some more things TLCs can do: 

  • Share their own research and interests with students and with you
  • Create a course site on our eportfolio platform, and train you and students to make contributions to it
  • Conduct workshops on specific digital tools for creation, connection and communication
  • Recommend those tools to meet your educational objectives
  • Hold support hours to meet with students
  • Help in planning the syllabus and scaffolding assignments
  • Take part in class discussions and events (with advanced scheduling)
  • Facilitate STEAM reflections

Keep in mind: TLCs have plenty of time to work with your class, but will not be available every day, so schedules should be set in advance. The TLC as a group, however, will have online office hours five days a week, and both students and faculty are welcome to use them as a drop-in resource. Workshops and special projects should be incorporated into your syllabus. Hear about what ITFs do, in their own words (using the old language of “ITF”).

How do TLCs work with students? (using the old language of “ITF”)