MHC Seminar 1, Professor Casey Henry

Category: Wu-Tang Clan

Victor grossman Wu Tang Clan

I will start by saying I am not at all a phan of rap. With that in mind, I find the vulgarity of the lyrics excessive and unnecessary, although at times funny.

For example in “Shame On A Nigga”:”I react so thick, I’m phat, and YO!”

I think it is funny that he calls himself fat. In most situations that would not be considered beneficial to ones “name” or “face”. However, in this context, it seems to serve as a sort of elevated adjective label.

I can appreciate how sometimes they just use words however they want. That is really effective and I like to do that too in every day to make a point. For example sometimes I will tell my dad “Stop being such a triumphant tortoise”

This is very similar to when he said: “So I can get fzza-funky for yah”.  It doesn’t mean much in or out of context, but it creates a mood and a response. From my dad in the former example its “What??”

And from me in the ladder, it is “What??”