• Resources from Radio Rookies: Radio Rookies is an awesome project that trains NYC teens as radio reporters. Their resources are very useful in thinking about how to use audio to tell a story.
  • Audacity Info, from fellow ITF Jake Cohen:


    Audacity works best when you create a Duplicate track (Command+D) which you can then manipulate. You can use the Duplicate track to cut and paste from the raw audio, and drag segments of sound around. To listen to one, mute the other one!


    It can be important to insert fades around the edges of audio segments, but also around the edges of silence, since sudden silence coming out of ambient background noise can be jarring. Fades are in the “Effect” menu.

    Delete segment

    Select a span of the waveform and then delete.


    Choose export from the file menu, and you can choose the format. MP3 is the smallest, but you do lose some audio quality.