• Scripts:
    • This site has templates for different kinds of video scripts. These could give you a sense of what scripts for videos can look like, especially shorter, simpler videos (though you can also find screenplays of long movies as desired). The script template with columns, that is split between descriptive images and spoken lines, might be especially useful and an alternative to storyboarding. (The rest of the site also has other resources for video making- a bit dated, but could be useful if you’re totally new to making videos.)
  • Storyboarding Resources: Storyboarding is a process of outlining that allows you to plan and think through the visual elements of storytelling that are important when making a video.
    • This site allows you to make up to 2 storyboards a week for free using their template & resources.
    • This video features an animator talking about and demonstrating his storyboarding process. This level of animation is probably beyond what most of you will be doing for your project, but it does give a sense of how to use a storyboard effectively. Also, some of his other videos might be useful if you ARE doing animation.
    • This video features a movie director talking about and demonstrating his storyboard process. This is for a film with live actors, so if that’s what you’re doing, this one might be helpful for you. This also demonstrates how to use storyboards as a tool for your own planning and thinking, even if you are not talented at drawing. This guy’s channel is all about independent movie making, so he may have some other videos of use to those of you making your own short films, especially scripted films with actors.
  • iMovie Tutorials:
  • Tools for animation, rendering software, and digital modeling: