Queensborough Community College has joined with Queens College and LaGuardia Community College to provide education students at the two, two-year colleges with the opportunity to experience studying at a four-year college. Both projects require the collaboration of education faculty and students from QCC, Queens, and LaGuardia Community College in two important and innovative projects, Engaging Educators’ Early (C-CTEC) and Jump Start.
Engaging Educators Early (C-CTEC) pilot project serves to explore the feasibility of creating an online community of students enrolled in Social Foundations of Education across three CUNY campuses in order to broaden the two-students’ perspectives on educational issues and increase their familiarity with some of the academic language that is commonly used in educational theory, research, and practice. Student from each campus will collaborate to watch and analyze the GO PUBLIC video, responding with written commentary using disciplinary conventions.
Jumpstart at QC is a writing intensive workshop for students in the final semesters at LAGCC and QCC who will collaborate with first semester QC transfer students. These workshops aim to develop competencies in academic writing. This collaborating will develop a glossary of disciplinary terms, an understanding of reflective vs. descriptive writing, and an appreciation of the impact of audience on student writing.