~Expanding Frames of Reference 9/19/12~

On Wednesday in class we went to art gallery titled ‘Expanding Frames of Reference: Art, Science, and Religion’. I enjoyed looking at the artwork and listening to  Dr. Lui explain the exhibit. I find both science and art interesting, and I’ve struggled, and continue to struggle to find a happy medium between the two. The part that most intrigued me about Jacob Scheucher’s exhibit was that it joins science, art and religion, which are subjects which don’t usually coincide with each other.

His artwork is a testament to his deep love and appreciation for history, science, art, and religion.  Each of his pieces in the exhibit were connected to a bible verse, and the intricate boarders offered extra details on the topic of the picture within the frame. An example of this would be his plate “CCCLXXX Judges, chapter 14, v.5, 6”. This plate is a picture of Samson fighting with the lion, which is a biblical story, yet around the boarder  he drew greek and roman coins which depict similar scenarios. In this one picture Scheuchzer is linking cultures, and different subject areas.  The complexity of Scheuchzer’s artwork makes it a pictorial encyclopedia, providing the viewer with a wealth of information about the image before them; its history, its science,and its religious significance.

After seeing Scheuchzer’s work, I hope to find ways to link my passions in the same way that he was able to link his. There doesn’t need to be a separation of the arts and sciences. I can have my cake and eat it too, and I look forward to finding my fork.