9/19/2012 – Shumaila I.

On Wednesday, in Seminar, we resumed our discussion on the significance of John Berger in “Ways of Seeing”. So far, this class has made me view art in a completely different perspective. Before, I didn’t really think much of different artworks, but now every time I look at a piece, I find myself wondering about its origins. At the start of class, we looked at some clips from the movie, “The Girl With the Pearl Earrings”. We saw a girl who began to see the world from a new perspective, similar to how I began to see art. During the last half hour of our class, we visited an art exhibit titled Art, Science, and Religion in the Physica Sacra. At first, I didn’t quite know what to think of the paintings. They were confusing. But after looking at them closely, and discussing it with my peers, I gained a better insight. Scheuchzer’s works demonstrated how two seemingly diverse topics, religion and science, can be combined to create a magnificent element, art. I loved how the art, in a way, brought the scientific and religious ideologies to life.

Dr. Liu’s discussion taught me a lot. For as long as I’ve been in school, my life has mainly centered on math and science. It was after I began Macaulay that I started to explore new territory in the arts. I see the significance behind art, and how it represents the feelings of that era. After just a few classes, I’m already beginning to appreciate the art around me, more than I ever did before.