Lecture and art gallery Wednesday 9/19

In class on Wednesday, we discussed how two polar opposite subjects such as religion and science can be united through art. Dr. Liu’s lecture before we visited the art exhibit was very interesting and I found his ideas to be applicable to my own life. He posed an interesting point: a few hundred years ago it was plausible that one person could be an expert in all fields of study and seemingly “know everything”. However, today that is clearly an impossible feat, a lifetime can be spent studying one thing. He said that many people feel trapped in one particular interest or passion, but how that should not be the case. He┬ádiscussed his passion for astronomy, physics and other fields of science, yet also for art. I have always been very interested in science when it comes to academics. Recently I began to play the guitar and create my own music and art. The idea of finding a balance resonated well with me, and my appreciation for all kinds of art has increased. The lecture also made the art show much more enjoyable and understandable.