Seminar Sept. 19, 2012 – Dr. Liu’s Discussion

During class on September 19th, Dr. Charles Liu came and spoke to us about the art gallery that was on display at CSI. In his discussion, he mentioned how hundreds of years ago, people could potentially master all fields of study. Now, however, it is impossible to do so. If I recall correctly, he said that every 15-20 years or so, the amount of collective knowledge doubles. And so now, there is simply not enough time for one person to study everything in a lifetime. There’s just too much to know. That simple thought stuns me, honestly. This world really is a huge place, and it just continues to grow. I am likely going into business, and so my education will be tailored towards that as I move along in my college career. Others are going to go into different fields and their educations will be tailored towards whatever it is they choose to become. I think it’s a shame that we can’t really learnĀ everything. There are so many fascinating things out there, and there’s just too little time to take them all in. However, it’s not impossible to do more than one thing. I play guitar and sing in my free time, and I’d like to take some music classes to try to enhance my musical knowledge (and hopefully my musical ability), even though I don’t plan on becoming a musician when I’m older. And so, I definitely think that other people can try to study other things on the side as well. There are endless possibilities in this world and while we can’t know everything, we can delve into multiple things at once.