Wednesday 9/19

When Dr. Liu prepared the class for the art gallery that featured the work of Johann Jakob Scheuchzer, he made me excited to see the collection; Dr. Liu explained that Scheuchzer incorporated art, science and religion in his work and I was curious as to how someone can combine his different passions in such different study areas to create a masterpiece.  When I initially glanced at the art, I only saw a direct depiction of biblical verses; however, upon further inspection, I discovered the intricate details of the people, animals and plants that only one knowledgeable in the science behind them would know to include.  In a depiction of Genesis Cap I. V.26, Scheuchzer includes images of skeletons and fetuses.  His knowledge of science is evident in the details of the anatomy; every bone is taken into consideration and accounted for.  In fact, it is the science behind the work that makes the art so great; like the Greeks who valued the beauty of the human body, Scheuchzer uses the beauty of anatomy to create art.

I think it is inspiring that the artist was able to pursue his different fields of interests and create a masterpiece in the process.  I hope that during my four years in college, I too will be open-minded to the different areas of study and will “expand my frames of reference.”