The Heiress – 10/17/2012

On Wednesday, I went to see my first ever Broadway play. It was titled “The Heiress”, and based off the novel “Washington Square”. The moment I walked into the theater, I was able to see the seating, and the velvet balcony rails. I was amazed by the grand setting with the extravagantly long curtains covering the center stage. As the play began, I found myself comparing the image I had from the characters in the book to the actors on stage. Usually, when I compare movies to books, they never quite satisfy the image I have in mind. However, this time, the actors perfectly portrayed the characters just as I had them in my mind. Catherine’s awkward poses always seemed to be just as I imagined.

Compared to how the movies depicted Catherine, I preferred the play much more. I feel as though Catherine wasn’t as determined to please her father as in the movies. She wasn’t introduced by anyone to Morris, but rather met him all on her own. They fell in love without the help of anyone else. She also seemed more of an independent character than she did in the movie versions.

My favorite thing about the play was the dramatic ending. At the end, everyone around me was sitting at the edge of their seats desperately anticipating  Catherine’s next move. I loved how the ending was much more fulfilling in the end. Initially when I finished the book, I felt as though Catherine didn’t make the right decisions. However, when I watched the play, I finally fully understood the final scene. I was completely content with the way it ended. The performance was so amazing, that I eagerly look forward to my next broadway play. It was definitely an experience worth remembering.