11/7/2012 – Shumaila

On Wednesday, we continued our poetry presentations. Before my recital, Christian gave his presentation. Although it was initially a novel concept, after carefully analyzing the poem with Dr. Kahan, I was able to understand how certain poems are categorized as “snapshot poetry”. Most of the time, when we get inside cabs, we never think to talk to the driver. We don’t think that maybe the driver might be educated with a doctorate. However, in this poem, we see the driver and passenger exchange a conversation.

I was amazed to see how just the scenery of New York City inspired some of the best poetry. Additionally, I saw Andrew recite a poem he wrote himself. It was amazing to see how much emotion can go into a poem, and how communicated to the listeners. It definitely gave me chills listening to the way he performed his work.

One of my favorite performances was Naomi’s, I loved the way she put so much emotion into her work. She was able to tap into the emotion that the poet must have been feeling. I saw how researching the life of a poet could provide some very valuable insight into what mood the poem was meant to resonate.

Over the course of the last week, I have really enjoyed listening to all the poetry. I can honestly say that I wasn’t really looking forward to a week full of poetry recitations. However, I have grown a new appreciation for New York as well as poetry. I look forward to hearing the remaining students perform their poems, and to furthering my knowledge of literature and the arts.