Corinna 11-7-12

This past Wednesday, we continued our poetry presentations.  Although I enjoyed a majority of the poems and discussions, there were a couple that stood out to me from our last class.  It probably comes as no surprise that Naomi’s presentation was the one that stood out to me the most.  Even though I expected her to do a good job, I was still very impressed with the acting that accompanied the reading of her assigned poems.   The attitude that she attached to them was an interesting addition to her interpretation, and also very amusing. Her background in theater really seemed to help her out with this assignment.   In addition, the poet that she was assigned was very interesting, and her poems were very fun and unique as well.

Aside from the odd set of poems Naomi presented, Christian’s and Shumaila’s poems were also pieces I enjoyed hearing.  They were both based on the same style, which we had discussed when looking at a different piece in an earlier class. Talking in such great detail about a basic and many times tedious event/experience is something I love to see when reading poetry.  In my personal experience, it opens your eyes to the things that you take for granted or simply look past.  After reading pieces such as these, I start to appreciate the normal things more.  Everything begins to seems more entertaining and you even start to feel happier.   This style also makes poems more relatable which I find to be very important for a poet to accomplish.