1. The camera had varying views. The camera was also used to capture the essence of New York City, and what the lifestyle was like. In a way, capturing the scenery set the mood. For example, when the characters took a stroll down Central Park, the viewer felt the calm serene mood. The camera focused primarily on capturing the dialogue over all else. The scene in the museum between Isaac and Mary, we could barely see their faces, but we could clearly understand their conversation.

2. Sometimes the camera followed the characters over their shoulders, as if the viewer was watching from behind them. However most of the time, the camera stayed in place, and the characters came in and exited the scenes. The scenes didn’t always frame the characters as the focus point of the camera. They sometimes appeared on the far left or the far right, this way the setting was also important.

3. The black and white gave the movie a classical look. It also forced the audience to pay a little more attention to the plot line rather than the minor details.

4.  From what I remember, each one of the scenes varied from a minute to about six minutes.

5. The dialogue changed based on who was in the scene and the context of the conversation. For example, when Isaac and Marry were walking the dog together, the conversation was a mix of crude and witty language. Throughout the movie though, the dialogue seemed like everyday language, very relaxed. Isaac’s dialogue was often sarcastic, and it added a satirical aspect to the film.

5. The costumes basically showed how the people of New York dressed during the time period the movie took place in.

6. Music did not play much of a role in the movie.

7. The set was New York City. The movie showed the typical lifestyle of a New Yorker while highlighting the common landmarks that we all think of when we remember the city.