Blog/Response Schedule


March 1:       TOPIC: Robert Moses: Master Builder or Evil Genius?

Blog(s), due midnight February 26: Eliana, Emerald, Izabela, Loren, Mateusz

Response(s), due midnight February 28: Jessica, Rachel, Angela, Ena, Shirly, Rebekah


March 6:      TOPIC: Saint Jane and Reaction to Robert Moses and the Modern World

Blog(s), due midnight March 3: Selena, Beatriz, Shlomo, Dahlia, Sophia

Response(s), due midnight March 5: Angelinna, Jasmine, Izabela, Rebekah, Floril


March 20:    TOPIC: Times Square – Rebirth or Revanchism?

Blog(s), due midnight March 17: Jessica, Rachel, Karen, Ena, Shirly

Response(s), due midnight March 19: Eliana, Emerald, Loren, Floril, Mateusz


March 27:    TOPIC: RPA Third Regional Plan

Blog(s), due midnight March 24: Angelinna, Jasmine, Angela, Shlomo, Rebekah

Response(s), due midnight March 26: Selena, Beatriz, Dahlia, Karen, Sophia


April 3:         TOPIC: Bloomberg’s NYC: (Re)Zoning as a tool…

Blog(s), due midnight March 31: Emerald, Izabela, Loren, Floril, Shirly

Response(s), due midnight April 2: Eliana, Jessica, Rachel, Ena, Sophia


April 19:       TOPIC: Parks and Public Spaces

Blog(s), due midnight April 16: Beatriz, Jasmine, Dahlia, Ena, Mateusz

Response(s), due midnight April 18: Selena, Angelinna, Angela, Shlomo, Karen


May 8:          TOPIC: Housing and Affordability

Blog(s), due midnight May 5: Eliana, Jessica, Rachel, Rebekah, Sophia

Response(s), due midnight May 7: Emerald, Shlomo, Izabela, Loren


May 10:        TOPIC: Climate change and environmental (in)justice

Blog(s), due midnight May 7: Selena, Angelinna, Angela, Karen, Floril

Response(s), due midnight May 9: Beatriz, Jasmine, Dahlia, Shirly, Mateusz