Working in conjunction with Associate Dean Joseph Ugoretz, SmartHistory founder Dr Beth Harris, and the Brooklyn Museum, we took all 500 of our first year Macaulay students for a unique and private evening at the museum on August 27, 2012. We conducted workshops for our students to familiarize them with close observation techniques and SmartHistory’s conversational approach to analyzing art. We provided them with audio recorders and asked them to document their conversations and take pictures at the museum. Later, we brought them together at the Macaulay Tech Fair to teach them how to edit their audio files and combine them with images to produce short films about their experiences at the museum. Students came away from the event with an increased sense of agency and excitement about museums and the visual arts. I served as coordinator for the inaugural Night at the Museum in 2012 and assisted in 2013. The event has become a highlight of our first year students’ experience.