Jul 13

Hey Everyone!

My uni schedule works out that I have no class on Tuesdays! In order to take as much advantage of my time here in Melbourne, I’ve dubbed these days, Touring Tuesdays. (Actually my host Mum came up with that one!-Thanks.)
Naturally, I decided to do the most tourist-y thing of all which is take the free, guided, tourist tram around the city. It starts off at the Victorian Art Center, that is easily spot-able due to the spire coming out from the top of it.








The next stop is at Federation Square which is a must-see, central meeting place for both people and transportation. The architecture of the square is fresh and new, putting you in a creative mood just by walking around it.














Right across the street from Fed Square is Flinders Street Station, a cultural icon of Melbourne city. You can also see Melbourne’s tallest building, Eureka Tower, in the background.
You can also see the series of clocks that show the time in different time-zones around the world.
The city tourist tram took us on to see the MCG, Melbourne Cricket Ground, Australia’s biggest stadium, and tenth in size in the world. Consistent with the Australian habit of truncating words, calling this stadium MCG takes too many syllables and most people refer to it as “The G.”
I really enjoyed the tour of the city and as we passed by each stop and attraction, I marked my map for future “Tourist Tuesday” excursions.
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  1. נעמי
    7:47 am - 7-13-2011

    איזה יופי של עיר!!! התמונות מדברות
    I love you Lil

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