Big Offseason, Big Expectations

The 2012 NBA offseason has contained a flurry of deals, moves, and shockers that are certain to keep people talking for months. In what could be most intriguing piece of news to New York sports fans, Jeremy Lin, the centerpiece of the Linsanity craze that started in February, is now with the Houston Rockets after […]

The CUNY Swimming Dynasty

Michael Phelps’ eight gold medals. Natalie Coughlin’s evolution into an international superstar. Record-breaking performances and thrilling finishes. The 2008 Beijing Olympics brought swimming to the American sporting culture forefront and finally, one of CUNY’s most anticipated seasons is upon us. As we prepare for the 2012 London Olympics, the CUNYAC women’s swimming and diving season […]

ePermit Anyone?

This semester, I took my Macaulay Honors seminar on ePermit at Baruch College instead of my home campus, Brooklyn College.  Overall it was a great experience; I met lots of new kids from Macaulay/Baruch and I experience college in Manhattan. It wasn’t easy at first, though. I was joining a group of people who already […]