Female Representation in the Olympics

Kicking off 2019, women are playing a key role in the sports world with icons such as Serena Williams and Hailie Deegan frequently filtering through the media. Although the image of the female athlete always lurked in the expansive past, it was obscured by a patriarchal society of the time. In Ancient Greece, organizers banned […]

The East River: A Runner’s Journey

Sunlight streams through the windows; it seeps through the crevices and penetrates into the minds of even those who have been hibernating — more like barricading — themselves from the call of spring. But, what exactly does the call of spring entail? The call to run. The occasional runner skillfully dodging a startled pedestrian is […]

Tribulations and Triumphs in PyeongChang

Held originally in Chamonix, France in 1924, the Winter Olympics brought together five sports carried out on the snow and ice. Over the ages, it has evolved and expanded to include freestyle skiing, snowboarding and Alpine skiing. Today, the 2018 Winter Olympics held in PyeongChang County, South Korea, aims to build a “peaceful and better […]

Joe Johnson: The Ageless Dinosaur

Joe Johnson will forever have his place in NBA history as the clutchest player of all-time and perhaps the player with the most nicknames. According to Basketball Reference, his nicknames consist of “Iso Joe,” “Joe Cool,” “Big Shot Joe,” and “Armadillo Cowboy” (really, where did that last one come from? And they’re missing one, but […]