Macaulay FIT Volleyball Tournament Sees Turnout From All Campuses

On October 5, 2018, the Macaulay FIT Club held its first event for the fall semester: the Macaulay FIT Volleyball Tournament. Held at the John Jay gymnasium, Macaulay students of all ages and campuses congregated from 7 to 9 p.m. to play volleyball.

With a turnout of over 20 students from all eight campuses, four teams were formed prior to the start of the matches. Two games occurred simultaneously, and every participant had a varied level of experience.

Sophomores Daniella Shill (Hunter College) and Cien Huang (Hunter College) were frequent volleyball players in the past. During the two hours, Huang was very competitive, diving for the ball and fully engaging in every match.

Unlike his friends, sophomore Andrew Zheng only played volleyball for one semester during high school, but still enjoyed the event. Zheng and a few other participants took an Organic Chemistry test earlier that morning, so the volleyball event was a good way to destress and have a good time with friends. Huang, Shill and Zheng cited their eagerness for similar events in the future.

The club has faced changes in leadership, with President Jason Nagourney creating a new and more inclusive executive board for the fall semester. Last year, Macaulay senior Andriy Kobryn was the president, and the club had a few other seniors from Baruch College. This year, Nagourney is proud to announce that the executive board contains individuals from three different schools and has three females, including Vice President Lila Tabor (Hunter College), Secretary Dorothy Liu (Hunter College) and Head of Outreach and Communications Danny Faran (John Jay). Nagourney also launched an initiative to write three biweekly fitness posts, giving tips on dieting, weightlifting, exercise and other general health concerns pertaining to college students.

Three upcoming Macaulay FIT events to look forward to include 3 vs. 3 basketball, a run and brunch, and an ultimate frisbee game. An even better turnout is anticipated.

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