Follow Your Passions

Late last year, for The Macaulay Messenger’s November issue, I wrote a piece expressing gratitude for my journey in digital media. In retrospect, I realized that I made it sound like my journey in digital media was smooth. It most definitely was not. At many points, I was afraid when shifting between interests. Sometimes, I […]

A Brief Reflection on the Semester

In terms of writing for The Macaulay Messenger, I really enjoyed working with Lauren Hakimi this year on a more timely news story regarding Brookdale housing. I know several students contacted me about getting an article out there as soon as possible to help the cause. Even though the entire angle of the article changed last […]

Man versus God

A heated debate – the Big Bang or God’s creation of the world? The debate between scientific inquiry and religious debate has seemed to be grappling at the hands of many as we are approaching a generation of increasing scientific advancements – whether that be in quantum mechanics, genetic engineering (in which we are able […]