Conducting Research During COVID-19: A Student Perspective

Conducting research, which is considered a key component of one’s undergraduate career and one way to fulfill the experiential learning requirement for graduation, is no easy process. Throw a mid-semester global pandemic into the mix, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for disaster. But disaster it was not for many Macaulay students, taking advantage of […]

Man versus God

A heated debate – the Big Bang or God’s creation of the world? The debate between scientific inquiry and religious debate has seemed to be grappling at the hands of many as we are approaching a generation of increasing scientific advancements – whether that be in quantum mechanics, genetic engineering (in which we are able […]

The Enemy of My Enemy

Medicine is becoming increasingly easier to get hold of: over-the-counter cough syrups, vitamins and lozenges are just some examples. Antibiotics, another common word in our repertoire of the common man’s medicine, has also become increasingly easier to get and pay for. However, it’s also become easier to consume these medications, which are meant for serious illnesses and […]

Lessons on Mindfulness

Finals are approaching at lightning speed, and you can’t stop thinking about those looming papers and exams. You know that soon, you’ll be frantically rushing to cram everything in while still getting just enough sleep to function. Thoughts of “I should’ve done this before” and “I have to do this, this and this in the […]