Club Macaulay is always bustling with posts about upcoming events and opportunities for involvement for the Macaulay community. A particularly exciting event that occurred on January 28th was an inter-collegiate chess tournament hosted at Macaulay Central by Macaulay’s very own Chess Club.  Headed by co-presidents Benjamin Botnik and Andrii Shypachov, Chess Club strives to bring […]

Macaulay To Establish Restorative Justice Practice with New York Peace Institute: A Chat with Dean Byrne

Starting in the Spring, the Macaulay Honors College will initiate a new partnership with the New York Peace Institute in the wake of student concerns about increased tension and the spread of hate across CUNY campuses in recent weeks. With this new initiative, Macaulay hopes to “collaboratively and empathetically build solutions that will move the […]

Is Quantum Mechanics the Answer to Our Problems? Macaulay’s Dr. Emily Rice Dives Into How Quantum Phenomena Helps Manage Her Complex Identity

Dr. Emily Rice, an Associate Professor of Astrophysics at the Macaulay Honors College of CUNY and resident research associate in the Department of Astrophysics at the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH), is one of the keynote speakers at the TEDxCUNY conference held on March 10, 2023.  Dr. Rice is extremely involved in the scientific […]

Affordable Healthcare for CUNY Students; Will it Drive Enrollment?

A few weeks ago I met with Luna Liu, Associate Director for AAPI Marketing and Community Relations Manager at MetroPlusHealth, to discuss a healthcare plan that is available to both Macaulay Honors College students and CUNY students at large.  Liu excitedly described Mayor Eric Adams’ campaign to re-enroll 10,000 students who dropped out of college, […]

Focus on a Different Future Instead?

By Jacqueline Blyudoy The semester began with a discussion in my Macaulay “Future of NYC” class about the pandemic’s effect on dining and entertainment spaces. While NYC restaurants were allowed to operate with outdoor seating areas beginning June 22nd, Cuomo did not allow indoor dining to reopen until September 9th. Even so, the reopening plan […]