The Future of Magazines

The growth and expansion of digital news media has led to widespread debate regarding the future of print publications, particularly that of pop culture magazines. Glossy issues of Entertainment Weekly were once the primary source for lifestyle and celebrity news. Yet, after three decades on newsstands, the American entertainment magazine announced in February of this […]

Scary Story Contest Winner

Congratulations to Alaina DiSalvo: winner of the Halloween Scary Story Contest, co-hosted by the Macaulay Messenger and Macaulay Scribe! DiSalvo wrote a review on Waking the Witch: Reflections on Women, Magic, and Power by Pam Grossman, in which she discusses the ties between witches and women. We at the Messenger are proud to publish her work, […]

The Rise of Fascism in Europe

The ever-widening gap between the elites and masses continues to cause problems for us all. Where oil barons profit from burning fossil fuels that lead to rising coastlines and then safely retreat to their in-land luxury penthouses once regions become uninhabitable, the poor struggle to recover life earnings from tropical storms. While the vast majority […]

Entertainment Watch: What to watch, read, listen, and see this fall

Leaves are falling, rain is pouring and the list of upcoming entertainment is growing. Here is what to watch, read, listen and see during Fall 2022.  Television  ABBOTT ELEMENTARY, SEASON TWO – This fall, students are returning, not just to CUNY schools, but also to Philadelphia’s Willard Abbott Elementary School. Abbott Elementary is in its […]

Affordable Healthcare for CUNY Students; Will it Drive Enrollment?

A few weeks ago I met with Luna Liu, Associate Director for AAPI Marketing and Community Relations Manager at MetroPlusHealth, to discuss a healthcare plan that is available to both Macaulay Honors College students and CUNY students at large.  Liu excitedly described Mayor Eric Adams’ campaign to re-enroll 10,000 students who dropped out of college, […]

The Next Theranos? An Alzheimer’s Drug and a CUNY Professor Face Questions Over Research Validity

Cassava Sciences touted the drug simuphilam as a cure to Alzheimer’s Disease. Now, the core science behind the drug that was partially pioneered by a CUNY professor is being questioned by scientists and regulators alike. The scientific journal PLoS One retracted five studies co-authored by Dr. Hoau-Yan Wang, an associate medical professor at the CUNY […]